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This is your typical product shot. I chose the vodka bottle ZYR (try it. It’s amazing). The bottle in reality is a shade of blue and the vodka obviously clear.

For gear i used:
Canon 5d markII+24-105L+tripod
Alien Bee B800x2
20 and 10 degree grids
The black side of a reflector
White matte board
Petzl headlamp

I set up the plexiglass on two chairs. I set the bottle in the middle. Under the bottle I place the headlamp. The reason i used the headland was because the headlamp have off a bright blueish white light. It shined through the bottle lighting up the edges. I placed the backdrop (black reflector) about 5 feet behind it.

To the left of the bottle I placed one alien bee 45 degrees behind it. To the right I placed another 45 degree in front. The left one had a 10degree grid the other 20. Both set at about 1/4 power.

I use white matte board right above the bottle. I used it to reflect the light back down onto the bottle. This bought back the edges of the bottle. Usually the boar would be attached to a stand, but I only have two. So handheld it was.

I placed my camera on my tripod. Turned it vertical. Set it to about 1/10 f/4 ISO100 WB:flash. Processed it a bit in photoshop(CS5) . The left photo is the original, the right is the processed one.

Hope this was helpful. More to come soon

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